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9 Best Things To Do in Cambridge, England

Explore the River Cam 


This is a popular thing to do in Cambridge and the river Cam runs through the city's heart.  

Glimpse of the Corpus Clock


we were struck by its design, featuring an imposing grasshopper perched atop the clock face 

The Market  Square


They've got everything, from fresh produce, vinyl records, clothes, and gifts to delicious hot and cold foods.  

 The Round  Church


The Round Church, is an Anglican church in the city of Cambridge, England. 

The Magical  Gifts


It's filled with a wide range of Harry Potter-themed items, like wands, robes, books along with Game of Thrones and Lord of the Ring's collectibles. 

The Wren  Library


A visit here is a glimpse into the minds of great thinkers and an opportunity to admire the library's architecture 

 The Rose Crescent


The cobblestone street and old buildings make it an excellent place for walk and shopping. 

 The  King’s College 


King’s College is the most visited College in Cambridge; book a tour and explore the chapel 

University Botanic Garden


This is a 40-acre botanical garden with over 8,000 different plant species from all over the world.  

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