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Things to do around Brighton-Howell Area, Michigan.

The Silver Pig Bar & Oyster Room


The cozy ambiance and with high top bar creating the perfect  atmosphere.

The Crunchy Pickle


We recommend getting the Joe, sort of like an Italian sandwich, and The Nancy, a turkey sandwich. 

Visit the Alley District


There’s nothing cuter or more Instagram-worthy in Howell than this location.

Go to Hell


The small town of Hell, located 15 miles south of Howell, has a devilish charm.

Brighton Coffeehouse and Theater


A local delicacy of the area, pasties are meat hand pie that were made popular by the miners in the area in the 1800s.

Go Horseback Riding


We journeyed through the forest, where the vibrant hues of autumn dazzled our senses, giving us a good feel of the seasons.

NOTE: We chose a group ride, which cost about $100 for each person. Upon arrival, you’re asked to sign forms to acknowledge what activity you are about to participate in.

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