A Visitor’s Guide to the Brighton Howell Area: 6 Things to do

Brighton Howell Area

Brighton-Howell Area, Michigan, are small towns nestling in the heart of Livingston County, these charming towns are the perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. With its quaint shops, delicious restaurants, and friendly locals, it is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Here is your travel guide to and things to do and go to. 

Where to Stay – Hampton Inn & Suites Howell​

The Hampton Inn Suites Howell offers a budget friendly lodging option where we recently enjoyed staying. Conveniently situated between Howell and Brighton, it provides effortless access to various destinations. Our check-in experience was hassle-free, and we were pleasantly surprised to find early check-in available upon our  arrival.

The extended breakfast hours, running until 10 A.M, and made our stay particularly enjoyable, which allowed us to sleep in a bit. Additionally, the highlight was the opportunity to prepare our own waffles. You can’t beat that.

Hampton Inn & Suites Howell​

The Silver Pig Bar & Oyster Room

We had dinner at The Silver Pig Bar & Oyster Room, an intimate restaurant with a high-top bar. The cozy ambiance and with high top bar creating the perfect atmosphere. We started off with drinks and fresh oysters from the east and west coasts. For our main courses, we ordered pizza and tacos.

We were thrilled to talk and laugh even with the waiters beside our table or with the order takers. These are the moments we always look for when we travel. The food was exceptional and the hospitality was warm. The evening was even more special because it was Aaron’s birthday. We were surprised with a delicious carrot cake after our meal, complete with a huge sparkler on top. It was a delightful way to end the evening, and the sparkler added a touch of magic. While in Howell, be sure to add this restaurant to your must-see list.

Visit The Sliver Pig & Oyster Bar for menus and reservations.

The Silver Pig Bar & Oyster Room

Visit the Alley District

There’s nothing cuter or more Instagram-worthy in Howell than this location. Welcome to the Alley District, where local businesses come together to create a dynamic space that changes with the seasons. During our visit, we shopped at Finding Roots, a handmade gift shop that offers an astonishing array of items. It’s fall after all, so we’ve stay on budget and grabbed some fall incense sticks and some soap. You can also take artisanal classes to make your own beautiful crafts!

Alley District

The Crunchy Pickle

Indulge in the best authentic Italian sandwiches at The Crunchy Pickle—it’s a gem! The owner takes immense pride in their work, making this spot a local favorite. Witnessing small businesses thrive is always a joy, we highly recommend trying the Joe, an Italian sandwich, and The Nancy, a delightful turkey option. Don’t miss out on their gourmet sodas; during our visit, they had Halloween-themed sodas, and we couldn’t resist trying the Big Witch Energy with Red Bull, glitter, desert pear, and dragon fruit, as well as the Vampires Kiss featuring Sprite, blood orange, blueberry, cold foam, and a syringe of strawberry “blood”. The drinks not only looked fantastic but also delivered on taste. Treat yourself and make sure to have lunch at The Crunchy Pickle—it’s a must!

The Crunchy Pickle

Go to Hell

Have a lifetime adventure in the small town of Hell, Located just 15 miles south of Howell, where you can be the mayor for the day! Hell is another gem to explore. Initially skeptical, I joined my excited husband, and it was the highlight of our travel memories.

The town post office/gift has a shop where you can grab unique Hell souvenirs, including postcards you can light on fire for that hellfire touch. And if you’re brave enough, grab the Gravedigger Sundae and finish off all of it for its signs, seal, “Death Certificate.”

Walk through the gates of Hell and play putt-putt golf for $6 per adult. Have you ever considered saying “I do” in Hell? There’s a tiny church on-site to proclaim your eternal love. Adjacent to the church, the “Locks of Love” bridge allows you to symbolize your love by attaching a lock, and you’ll receive a certificate declaring your love sealed for all eternity in Hell… Michigan. Just toss the key into Hell Creek to solidify the deal! Just make sure you throw your key into Hell Creek to seal the deal!

No trip to Hell is complete without a stop at Hell Saloon, a family-friendly restaurant down the street from the post office. It is no exaggeration to say that the food is sinful! In Hell Saloon, you’ll find some excellent bar food. To keep it simple, we ordered chicken wings and chicken wrap with huge baskets of fries for each of us.

go to hell brighton howell

Brighton Coffeehouse and Theater

Discover coffee in a unique way at Brighton Coffeehouse and Theater, A lovely coffee shop with cozy vibes, rustic decor, and the delightful scent of freshly brewed coffee. This shop is located in Brighton, which is 15 minutes from Howell. We ordered some Chai tea and sat by the fire to warm up.

While we couldn’t attend a show during our visit, check their website for various live performances. The mesmerizing view from the window upstairs made this coffee shop stand out. You can observe the vibrant fall colors and the tranquil river, creating a cinematic atmosphere. We felt like we were part of a movie scene and could easily spend an entire day here. If you are a sucker for charming places like we do, we wholeheartedly recommend visiting this gem.

Brighton Howell Coffeehouse and Theater

Go Horseback Riding

Imagine being pulled away from everyone and having nature speak to you. Reminding you to breathe while you rekindle with your significant other. This is what we felt at Brighton Riding Stables. We chose a group ride, which cost about $100 for each person. Upon arrival, you’re asked to sign forms to acknowledge what activity you are about to participate in. Before we headed out, they brought the horse out to give them water, prepare them for the journey, and line us up on the platform to ensure we got on the horse properly. While my wife was abit nervous someone offer to ride close to her to keep her comfortable.

We journeyed through the forest, where the vibrant hues of autumn dazzled our senses, giving us a good feel of the seasons. We always love reconnecting in nature and to forget about everything. The staff was knowledgeable and ensured we were comfortable on the ride. So go on take a little break and let nature sooth you.

Horseback Riding

Grab Homemade Cookies

While in Howell, we discovered this fantastic entrepreneur who’s only a junior in high school. Cookies By Karas was a fantastic find! Coming from a big family of 10 children, Kara had plenty of taste testers to perfect her craft! Her most popular cookies are the monster cookies, which have peanut butter and oats and are loaded with chocolate and butterscotch chips and M&M’s. She started her business in 2022, and it’s grown bigger than she could ever imagine. Maybe next time we visit the area, she’ll have her own storefront!

Visit the Cookies by Karas Instagram page and DM her to place an order. 

Homemade Cookies

Final Thoughts

Small towns with big hearts are genuine in this area. Everyone was fantastic that we talked and went to, and it was great to get out of the busy city and enjoy the small things in life. We definitely recommend coming to the Brighton-Howell area for your next weekend getaway.

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