Best Things to Do in Chicago in January 2023

Chicago Restaurant Week

Chicago Restaurant Week is an annual culinary celebration that takes place in Windy City from January 20th to February 5th. During this event, participating restaurants offer special prix fixe menus at discounted prices, allowing diners to try new foods at a fraction of the regular cost. If you’re a foodie visiting Chicago during Restaurant Week, here are a few tips to make the most of this delicious event:

  1. Plan ahead: Restaurant Week is a popular event, and tables at participating restaurants can fill up quickly. It’s best to make reservations as soon as possible. heads up for when your favorite spots are accepting reservations, as many restaurants open up their bookings a few weeks in advance.
  2. Explore new neighborhoods: Restaurant Week provides a great opportunity to try restaurants in neighborhoods you might not usually visit. Take this chance to discover some hidden gems and explore a new part of the city.
  3. Try something new: Restaurant Week is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Whether it’s a cuisine you’ve never had before or a dish you’ve been curious about, now is the time to take the plunge.

Overall, Chicago Restaurant Week is a fantastic way to experience the city’s diverse culinary scene and enjoy some amazing dishes at a discounted price. With a little planning and an open mind, you’re sure to have a memorable dining experience. Check out the participating restaurants and their menus by clicking here.

Credit: Chicago Tribune

Lunar New Year Festival

The Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year, is celebrated worldwide, including in Chicago. It marks the start of the lunar calendar and brings families and communities together to honor cultural traditions.

Chicago’s Lunar New Year event is vibrant, with parades, cultural events, and street festivals celebrating Lunar New Year customs.

The Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade and Festival is a popular Chicago event, with traditional lion dances, music, and food. It celebrates the city’s Chinese community and offers a chance to experience Lunar New Year traditions.

Credit: Anthony Moser

Buddy Guy’s Legends

It’s that time of year again! Buddy Guy, the legendary blues musician, is set to perform at his eponymous club in Chicago this month. If you’re a fan of the blues, you won’t want to miss this chance to see one of the greatest guitarists of all time in action. Buddy Guy has been a major force in the blues scene for over six decades. His live performances are known for their energy, passion, and pure musical excellence.

Buddy Guy’s Legends, located in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, has a long history of hosting big names in blues and rock music. The club’s intimate setting and top-notch sound system make it the perfect place to experience the raw power and emotion of Buddy Guy’s music.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Buddy Guy’s upcoming performances at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago. It’s sure to be a night to remember! Check out the event calendar for January by clicking here.

Exterior of the iO theater in Chicago, IL, Feb. 26, 2019.

iO Theater

The iO Theater in Chicago is a renowned institution in the world of improv comedy, founded in 1981 by Del Close and Charna Halpern. This beloved theater is one of the best improvising theaters you can visit.

The iO Theater, situated in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, is a popular destination for both local and touring improv troupes. You can catch a variety of shows seven nights a week, including traditional long-form improv, sketch comedy, and stand-up.

One of the unique aspects of the iO Theater is its dedication to training and education. All skill-level students can enroll in classes by top improvisers. in the business. This provides a unique opportunity for students to learn from the masters.

In addition to the improv shows and classes, the iO Theater is also home to a well-known bar and restaurant. This makes it an excellent spot for a night out with friends. Whether you’re an improv fan or simply looking for a fun and distinctive evening, the iO Theater is not to be missed.

Overall, The iO Theater is a vital part of the Chicago arts scene and improv comedy’s evolution. Whether you’re a performer or a fan, a visit to the iO Theater is a memorable experience.
Check out the list of shows and available tickets here.



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