5 Home Date Ideas to Reconnect

Home date night give you the time & luxury you’ve always wanted and are so easy to do! Over the years we’ve learned that simple date night also goes a long way and is the thought that really matters the most. So go on, get little adventurous with your date and try something new! 

Grab the Couple Adventures Dinner Date!

Who says home date nights have to be boring? Reach out to your adventurous side and give the Couple Adventures Dinner Date book a try! This book offers 30 recipes and a paired experience. But you won’t know what you would get until you tear open the page for the recipe and scratch off the experience for it. For our date night, our recipe was gourmet biscuits with steak and gravy. The experience we scratched off was truly out of this world where had dinner in the dark while listening to the Interstellar soundtrack. One of our love languages is that we love to cook with each other and this book made it an adventurous experience for us. Learn a new recipe and make your dinner date an exciting experience.

Have A Mixology Date Night!

 If you haven’t noticed, we love cocktails over here!! Grab your favorite cocktail recipe and surprise your boo. You’ll get a bonus if you surprise your bae with the first drink they had on your first date.

Have A Mixology Date Night

Get to Know Each Other on a Deeper Level

Sometimes the best dates are the ones where you have a deep chat with your bae. Best Self Co has a variety of card packs to help come up with questions to ask and create a deeper connection and intimacy with each other. Don’t forget that strong relationships are built on strong communication.

Take a CBD Bath Together

Home dates don’t have to be crazy. Bring out the candles and take a bath together. Enhance the experience with a CBD soak and melt the worries of the day away with each other. Create competing playlists and laugh each other to see who has a better music taste.

Take a CBD Bath Together

Camp out in the Living Room

Grab some chairs and blankets and make a tent in the living room.  Watch movies in the tent or if you have a fireplace, make some s’mores! If you want the whole camping experience, turn off all the lights and put the phones away. You could come up with spooky camp stories or just snuggle up for the night

Camp out in the Living Room



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