3 Day Itinerary in Québec City

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For avid travelers who love history, architecture plus delicious food, Quebec City is a must-see destination! This city is the only fortified city north of Mexico and it is known for its European charm. Immerse yourself in this French haven that gives you an old town yet chic vibe! You don’t need to travel across the Atlantic to get a taste of Europe. Here is everything you need to know about the French-speaking capital of Quebec. 


Visit Fairmont Château Frontenac

Did you know this is the most photographed hotel in the world? This hotel offers a sweeping panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River, the old, fortified city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can choose to spend the night inside this marvelous landmark, or you can do a self-guided tour. Why just view it from the bottom? Take the Old Quebec Funicular railway for $3.50 to Terrace Dufferin to enjoy this piece of history. When you are done inside, relax on the Terrace and listen to the saxophonist or whatever music is being played.

Explore Rue du Petit-Champlain

As we strolled down this street, we felt as if we were in Europe with spaces that were designed 400 years ago! Petit-Champlain is filled with several types of boutiques and restaurants. We got some souvenirs and some good old Canadian maple syrup and continued our walk. Stella wanted us to put our phones away and actually enjoy the walk by paying attention to the details of the building, the colors, etc. We didn’t take these pictures until the second day and when we came back. It made us appreciate history a little bit more. Admire the historic streets and indulge yourself in the scenery.

Restaurants in Québec

Among the restaurants that we went to in Québec, two of them stood out to us. First was the 1604 Bistro.  This charming restaurant offers tables that overlooks the city and provides a magnificent view of Château Frontenac.  Stella got the Duck Leg Confit with Pasta and Aaron got the charcutiére pizza. Both were c’est délicieux!

Another restaurant we went to was Cochon Dingue, an upscale Parisian bistro that’s at the heart of the cultural center of Québec. We had to sit inside due to it raining, but the interior is very inviting and transports you to Paris. We had the PFC: Poulet Frit du Cochon, which was fried chicken and waffles with fries and maple syrup drizzle and also had the Pot en pot, which is like a seafood pot pie. 

Take a Horse Carriage Ride

You know you’ve always wanted to feel like royalty as you ride in a lavish carriage. For just $100 dollars you can take a horse carriage ride through old Quebec and let your conductor give you a local tour that no internet research can match. This tour guide has been doing this for many years and they know their stuff. They are generous and will stop in between tour to take some few pictures of you. In your guide you will find historical sites such as the Plain de Abraham, Citadelle de Québec, Ramparts and Gates, among others. The tour can be given in French or English. We definitely opted for French, and Stella had a great time translating.

*Full Warning, they only take cash so make sure to stop at the bank or an atm before you go.

Visit Aquarium du Québec

Discover an ocean tunnel filled with a variety of different species of marine mammals, fish, invertebrates and amphibians. A playground that is full of life! As you walk below and see the immense aquarium and learn about the depth of the oceans, discover the coastal zone, touch the starfish, sea cucumbers etc. One area that was a trippy experience was the jellyfish house. The jellyfish are lit up with all sorts of colors as they float along to an ambient bass line in the background. It was an amazing experience and recommend that you go there!

Au revoir Québec

Québec is a little slice of heaven. From the cobblestone streets to the architecture, you can experience Europe without having to travel abroad. The time we spent there was very relaxing and enjoyable. We really had a chance to get to know each other. There is no doubt that we will return one day. It felt like home to us with how welcoming the people were. When planning your next trip, make sure Québec is on the list!

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